Charlie Care formerly known as Charlie Communication and Services was established in 1990 in a very small scale in Penang by only selling cellular phone. Over the years, Charlie Care has earned a sound reputation as a trusted retailer and loyalty has been generated from customers with its good services provided; the business had grown over the years with strong customers’ continuous support.

In 1996, Charlie Care had received its first recognition in the mobile phone retailing industry by having its Nokia Priority Shop status which is the “First” outlet in the Northern Region located in Georgetown, Macalister Road. From there Charlie Care had contributed enormous effort towards Nokia’s cellular phone sales to the top category.

As an objective to serve more to their customers, Charlie Care had expanded its business by set up a new retail outlet at Gurney Plaza in 2001 Oct as a Nokia Priority Dealer.

Charlie Care has shown outstanding track record in its industry again; in 2003 April, first Sony Ericsson Concept Store was born in Asia Pacific in Malaysia in Penang at Gurney Plaza. With collaborative efforts and commitments, great success result had achieved to bring up Sony Ericsson’s brand name and sale.

In 2006 Feb, another breakthrough for Charlie Care to expand its business horizon; the most comprehensive Sony IT Centre was established in the northern region in Gurney Plaza.

Charlie Care’s products and services include:

Digi – Network Service Provider
Sony – Sony products and accessories
Sony Ericsson – Cellular phones and accessories
Nokia – Cellular phones and accessories

Currently, Charlie Care has Digi Specialist Store at Belisa Row, Pulau Tikus and Gurney Plaza; Sony Ericsson Center, Sony Information Technology Center, Nokia Priority and O2 Zone at Gurney Plaza under its wing. Charlie Care plans to expand and strengthen its businesses in the Northern Region of Malaysia.

Charlie Care provides life-time consultation, free trainings and digital workshop for its customers via face-to-face sessions, telephone calls and e-mails. The purpose of free training and digital workshop is to educate and provide proper in depth knowledge of the products’ functions to our customers. Charlie Care is one of the Sony retailers that provide free trainings for customers in Northern Region. This is one of the methods to retain our existing customers thus creating the recognitions. The trustworthy and reliability of Charlie Care attracts the existing and potential customers.

Charlie Care is in collaboration with Digi and Celebrity Fitness for promotional activities, and is one of the PIKOM’s members.

Our distribution media includes magazines, newspapers and billboards, brochures, flyers and E-flyers and website. We are currently published on magazines like IN PENANG and Essential Lifestyle, and on The Star newspapers. We also have billboard advertisements located at Tanjung Tokong and Sungai Pinang. E-flyers and website provides the latest products information and promotions to our customers.

Ultimately, as a clear distinction of Charlie Care’s commitment to quality of service and care to the customers, Charlie Care has implemented a “Charlie Care Program” to maintain its quality of service. Charlie Care’s vision is all about providing excellent service, because it believes is “Customer should always come first”.

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